Science and Technology Clubs are set up to kindle and nurture the love for technology, each club with its own specialization and guest lectures by prominent personalities in the world of technology and science.

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    demo The Coding Club, being the largest club in college,is instrumental in setting up the right atmosphere for competitive coding in the college. Alongwith enabling people to develop the unparalleled skills for coding their way through external competitions, the club often holds contests of its own to boast the coding skills of the college. A community which allows for only logical reasoning and which does not believe in settling on algorithms, we are always on the quest for the better, after all there is no ‘best’ in a competition.
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Innovative Programs and Technostructure


Working on the project not only requires ones skills but also demands a well-equipped working area. BOST provides the sci-fi room where one can work on the projects. It consists of several labs shared by the various clubs of BOST. The room is open 24*7 for the technical enthusiasts and provides all the necessary equipments for the projects.

BOST Summer Camp

Summer holidays provide students the opportunity to learn new things while having fun at the same time. The Board Of Science And Technology comes up with the opportunity for enthusiastic students to show case their talents by providing a platform through the Summer Camp Program. If you have any technical idea, which may lead to useful product or demonstration, BOST with its various clubs can help you technically as well as with resources. Under this program students can choose projects of their interests and work on their ideas, spending their summer breaks in a productive manner.



The annual technical festival of IIT ropar “Adivtiya ”, marks a 3 day journey consisting of various competitions spread across Robotics, Management, Coding, Designing, Gaming, Astronomy, Aero-modelling and Quizzing. Apart from the competitions, talks and workshops are few of the interesting events of the fest. The upcoming Advitiya is going to be held in February 2020.


IITs are not only the technological hub but are also known for amalgamating education with fun-filled extra-curricular activities. Every year BOST organizes IIT Ropar’s intra-college technical fest ‘Quintessence’. Continuing with that tradition, we are pleased to announce that Quintessence’19 will be organized in the month of November. As a part of this, clubs under BOST will be organizing several enlightening and interesting talks by eminent speakers and a multitude of competitions under Coding, Designing, Gaming, Astronomy, Aero-modelling, Robotics and Quizzing. Students of the institute make a great show of their talents in various fields by participating in these events.